Monthly Wrap Up

March Wrap Up

I should remember to write down the stuff I do in the month, wrap ups would be so much easier that way.😅

Anyway here are some of the things I read, watch and listen in March.



I finished three great books this month but I noticed I was pushing myself to read. Even though they all kept me engage while reading, it was easy for me to put them down and not pick them up right away. I’ve been very busy and stressed out with my thesis and looking for a job, so I need to relax and not stress out about reading or finishing many books. 

Leaving all that behind, I listen to Fool Moon and really enjoyed it. This book was so much better than the first in the series. It was also a bit longer which I think is great because Butcher had more time to improve and develop the world and the characters. I can’t wait to listen to the next one. 

My favorite this month was probably Assassin’s Apprentice. I definitely need to review this one. I was slightly confused at the beginning of the book but then I was immerse in Fitz story. The world blooding wasn’t as develop but it’s just the first book so I don’t really have any issue with it. The thing with this books is the emotional state it left me. This was such an incredible story and the writing was excellent. I feel the need to re-read it but maybe when I’m not as sensitive. I started reading this one after I saw Logan and that was a terrible idea. 💔🤣

The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet was amazing. I didn’t give it the highest rating because the plot was a bit underwhelming and I feel the pacing was a bit slow in some parts but a rating says nothing. This book is smart and sweet. It makes you think and I just wish I could have fun conversations and be friends with the crew members. I tabbed the shit out of this book. It’s a great book to analyze or just read for fun. It has so many layers and the world is huge, it the entire universe and Chambers definitely knows it but even to her I think there is so much more to discover. I loved it. 

I probably don’t make any sense but you really should read these books! 😁

Let’s not talk about Lolita. I hated Humbert and I just couldn’t stand this novel. Nobokov’s use of the English language was impressive (I really love language) but I couldn’t care less for his writing style or maybe it’s because I hated Humbert so damn much! I knew what the story was about and I saw the film years ago, but reading it and being inside his head was horrible. I would like to try and read another work from Nobokov but I’m in no hurry. 

books read in march


Another month packed with movies. I really hope April brings less films or else I’ll be ruined. 😂

I read a bit about the controversies surrounding Split but I’m neutral on all of this. I can’t imagine how it is to live with multiple personalities and the way the character is depicted in the movie maybe stigmatizes people who suffer from this disorder. But I have to say I really enjoy the movie. McAvoy did a great job and the supporting cast was great though not as develop save for one of the girls. I don’t think this is a realistic movie, it does have a few supernatural elements. I didn’t understand the last scene at all but reading more about it sounds kind of cool. It’s a good movie and I think it’s worth watching. 

John Wick: Chapter 2. Fucking awesome! I hope they keep making more movies in this franchise. Keanu Reeves is such a badass. Wick is basically invincible but I don’t care its silliness. I watch for pure entertainment and for that alone is a good time at the theatre. In this movie they expand a bit more on the world and it was really cool. I’m still think about the first scene because it didn’t have any connection to the rest of the plot but I’m think it might be important for the third chapter. Have you seen this movie? What do you think?

I’ve seen Logan twice. Why, why do I do this to myself? I’m a huge fan of comic books movies. I don’t care how many of these movies we get in a year I’ll always want more!! Hugh Jackman gave us a great Wolverine since the beginning. It was a different version compare to the comics but he showed respect for the character and his acting was always great. It killed me to see Wolverine in this movie the poor thing never had a break. 😣 This movie hit me hard. I think it’s more than just another superhero movie. The scope of the story might not be as big as saving the universe but it packed so much more emotion and really makes you think about what it’s really like to be human, live in peace, be free, grow old, be sick, be alone, trust people. I don’t know just thinking about it makes my heart wrench. This movie is bloody and gruesome, it’s fucking depressing and hopeless but damn it I accept it (even though part of me doesn’t want to).    

movies march 1

They finally premiered Moonlight in my country and I was disappointed with it. The movie started out so good and then it went downhill for me. I know it has a small budget but seriously what disappointed me was the script. The acting was great for the most part but I think this could have been more developed. It lacked a bit of depth and fucking dialog between the characters. I didn’t care much about the main character as an adult. I think trying to fit his “entire life” was a mistake. I loved the part as a kid and his relationship with Mahershala Ali so much. I think this is an important movie to watch and the themes it tries to develop are a step in the right direction but again I was not happy with the execution. This kid had a crappy family, and just when I thought there will be hope for him… NO! I won’t say much because this is not a review and I don’t want to spoil anything, but it just makes me so angry. My expectations were freaking high and the movie had a few powerful scenes but in the end those weren’t enough for me to love the movie. 😔

I still don’t know how I feel about Silence. I’ll just say Andrew Garfield killed it with his movies last year. Wonderful performance in both. This was another movie that left me in a weird mood. It did sparked great conversation between me and my friends so that’s always good.

I liked Kong: Skull Island despite all the bad reviews it received. I bought it was entertaining and it was a fun time with my friends. Some of the characters are a bit annoying and there’s not much substance to them but I didn’t go to see this movie for character development or deep themes. 

movies march 2

This is it, the last part of this section. I’m sorry this is too long but I really like talking about movies. 

I loved The Beauty and the Beast. That’s it. Haha it’s a joke. I swear I’m super emotional this month. This movie make me cry like a baby. The music, even the scene with the yellow dress had me sobbing. I loved the original animated movie, it was a huge part of my childhood but I didn’t know how much I missed it. Part of me loving this movie it’s obviously nostalgia but really the movie is quite good. Watson is Belle, now I can’t see anyone else in this role. At the beginning of the movie I wasn’t sold with her performance, there were a lot of weird face expressions but after her father is captured by the beast and she took his place, I was sold with her as Belle. I loved the scenes with Belle and the Beast bonding and having a good time. One can have a lot of interesting conversations about the female representation in this story and the problematic relationship between hostage and captor but I haven’t read the original material. This story was writing at a different, not so progressive time. Now as an adult I would prefer if Belle took her time to meet this new guy now in human form. 😂 Humans can take many forms but as a beast he kind of only has one face. My friend and I were actually a bit sad when he turned back into the prince. We loved the beast a lot. Am I being too weird? Also how could would it be a reverse role between the beauty and the beast? Now I kind of want to read a story like that. Yes, Belle is beautiful on the inside but come one, she’s the most beautiful girl in town, what about her being the beast and a man looking past that? In this society we’ve become so shallow. I hate that suddenly we have standards for what it’s beautiful, specially when morphologically we are so diverse. 

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. True. But what about what media and society has already put in our brain of what is beautiful and what is ugly? We really live in a messed up world. 

I missed Suicide Squad last year in theaters but finally got to watch it. And now I can’t unwatched it. This movie was a mess. This could have been so fun and entertaining but nope. Even the poster is completely chaotic. I’ve been told repeatedly that this movie was bad so maybe that’s why I didn’t think it was that terrible. I didn’t like any of the characters, not even Harley Quinn and people loved her character. None of the actors have enough script to work with. This movie was badly edited and the continuity was off. Also the way they decided to portrait the villain was stupid. I didn’t even like Viola Davis. 😱

The more I think about the movie I find more flaws. I thought maybe they deserve the Oscar for the makeup and hairstyling category but really now that I saw the movie I still think Strak Trek makeup crew did a better job. 

I’m 27 years old and most of the times I don’t believe it. Sometimes I feel like I was 17 just a few years back but nor it’s been 10 years. I’m old and I like it. My adolescence was just fine. Back then I used to think my way of thinking was ahead of my time or age. That I thought different than my fellow classmates and in some parts, yes I was a bit more mature in some aspects but I wasn’t some weird bug who nobody understood. I wasn’t special, nobody really is. We just like to think we are. We like to think we are better than someone else. Sometimes I still have those feelings but I fight to get rid of them every time they appear. I like to think is a mechanism we use to cope with whatever shit sometimes happens in our lives. When I was a child/teenager it was hard for me to connect to other people and make friends. I didn’t know how to talk to people. I couldn’t understand why it was so easy for some and for me it was a mind battle. As I got older I understood that I was not letting people in. I had built a wall. I guess that’s why I related so much with this movie. What?! Are we talking movies? Yes! I got into quite a long ramble about my young years but seriously, The Edge on Seventeen is such a beautiful movie. Realistic and hopeful. Even when our stupid brain tells us we are alone and nobody gets us, we are 100% wrong. Seventeen is not the end of the world, it’s just another phase in our life. I loved this movie and more people should watch it. Amazing performance and heart warming. 

movies march 3

TV Shows:

I’m addicted to Netflix. Not that that is a surprise to anyone. I’ve been watching The 100 and I’m addicted to that show. I loved it. I’ve continued watching Jessica Jones and started Luke Cage. I need to watch Daredevil and apparently I’ve done everything wrong, because I’ve been watching Iron Fist and I’m not watching things in the right order! But I couldn’t resist everyone saying how bad this show was. I had to see for myself and judge it. And to be honest I like it. I haven’t watch the entire season yet but it’s not as bad as people say. It could be better but is not terrible. I totally understand the disappointment. I think they really need to work on the writing but I think the show has potential. 

I couldn’t care less for Rand’s company. I felt the exact same thing about Arrow. When Oliver tried to get back his company I didn’t care (but hey, Arrow is still a better show). The scenes where Danny is in his office or the conference room where so damn boring and awkward. Ward is crazy and I don’t know where they are taking his character but I like it so far. His sister is also interesting I hope there’s more to her than they are showing now. Wing is my favorite! I can’t to see more of her storyline. I don’t have an opinion on Danny yet. I like the actor, I mean he was fucking Loras, of course I love him. But I need more from him in this show. 

tv march

I really need to watch Legion!! But I didn’t start watching when it first premiered. FX better repeat the season. 


I watched a couple of episodes from these series and the first two kind of caught my attention but there are so many shows to watch!😭

Please recommend me more Anime, because I hate myself. 😬

anime march


Not a memorable month for me this month. I kept listening to the same old stuff and bands I haven’t listen in a minute. I don’t think I like Ed Sheeran’s music. There’s maybe one song I like from his new album. 

music march


And that’s it! Finally. I thought I would never end. If you had the patience and interest in reading all my nonsense… Thank you! Let me know if you have opinions on the things I’ve read or watch this month. 🤗


See you in the next one!


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