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Top 10 Covers of 2016


This one is pretty self explanatory. They are beautiful, therefore I must have them. It also helps that they sound interesting, but to be honest I would want them either way. smile



Happy Reading!


6 thoughts on “Top 10 Covers of 2016

    1. They are beautiful! 🙂 I’m not interested in Shatter Me trilogy, but Furthermore sounds amazing and like a lot of fun. I need to read it!
      I’ve heard mixed thing on And I Darken, mostly of people thinking this books was Fantasy or not liking the main character. Have you read it? To me it sounds different and really cool.


      1. haha now I don’t know! I think it is Fantasy, but there’s no magic in it? Or that it relys a lot in historical events… I’m sorry I’m very confused now :’D


  1. Those are some beautiful covers. I’m so tempted to get that Jay Kristoff book because I’m a fan of Kerby Rosanes, the cover artist for the edition you have above. Museum of You and Raven King are also great.


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