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Top 5 Classics Read in 2016


This one was the hardest. I didn’t read many Classics this year. Also several were 3 stars for me.


I’m not 100% sure if all these are considered Classics, though I think they are.

Matilda. This was a reread and still a favorite. The story is as good as I remembered and I had a deeper appreciation for the characters. Matilda is a brilliant character, she’s super smart, but still so relatable and lovable.

Brave New World. The ending made me so angry and put me in a hopeless mindset, but it’s amazing read. This is a book I see myself reading again and again.

The Restaurant at the End of the Universe. Nothing much happens and a lot happens, the characters are fun and they have some crazy adventures. Also, Martin Freeman’s narration is fantastic. 

And Then There Were None.  Second book I’ve read from Christie and it was quite enjoyable. The plot was intriguing, and kept me guessing who was the killer. The characters lacked depth and some were just not interesting, but it was a short novel and one doesn’t read Agatha Christie for her character development, I guess. 


The Martian Chronicles. I haven’t read this yet, but it’s one I really wanted to read. I love Fahrenheit 451 and I’ve been wanting to read more of Bradbury’s works. Next year I need to make time to read a couple of his books.

Bookmas was created by Hailey In Bookland

Happy reading!




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